Everything You Wanted To Know About Custom Homes

Custom Homes are unique houses that are specifically designed for a client, usually the person or persons who will live in the house once it is built. They are also built for a specific location, often a plot of land that is owned by the client. A custom home is specialized to suit the specific requirements of the client. For example, a client can decide everything from the number and size of each room in the house to the exact materials used in the building process.

Designing and building custom homes is typically an expensive venture and so the houses built are usually luxurious properties for wealthy or well-off individuals. They are also usually single-family homes because a family can design the house for their specific situation and design preferences.

Those wanting to build a custom house will consult or collaborate with an architect or a professional home designer. They will describe their personal specifications for the property. It is not uncommon for developers to sell plots of land for the specific purpose of building new houses. In this case, the plots of land should be certified as ready to be built on. This makes the building process considerably easier as the builders need only focus on the design of the house, rather than the suitability of the soil, drainage, etc.

There are many financial factors that need to be considered when an individual decides to build a house. Interior items of the new property such as furniture, a telephone line, kitchen appliances, carpets, flowers, and trees all need to factor into the budget. Future living costs such as utility bills, yard care, maintenance, and taxes should also be considered to form an accurate plan for financing the project.

There are a number of skilled professionals who will need to involved in the building process. A builder will be the key expert, along with an excavator, a surveyor, and an architect or professional home builder. The architect should be licensed and help the client define their objectives. They will discuss a range of factors including the overall budget for the project, the building stages and the date chosen for final completion of the house. These discussions generally become the project brief and a formal agreement. A client and architect can both refer to these agreements during the building. A client may well decide to hire a contractor or builder first, who will then chose other members of the team.

It is vital for an individual to secure a written contract with the contractor or builder, designer or architect. This contract should be signed and dated by the client and the professional involved. A contract should describe the plans for the construction in extensive detail and document all the specific areas to be built. If changes occur during the home construction, then the contract should be altered to detail these changes.

Those building a custom home are advised to keep a journal of design ideas for their future home. They should collect ideas or trends from magazines, the internet or take photographs of existing buildings. These notes can then be used in meetings with an architect or home builder.